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Papers in 2000

Cruz, C.R., Hubral, P., Tygel, M., Schleicher, J., and Höcht, G., 2000: The common-reflecting-element (CRE) method revisited, Geophysics, 65, 3, pp. 979-993.

Cruz, C.R., Urban J., and Garabito, G., 2000: Numerical analysis of 2.5-D true-amplitude diffraction stack migration, Journal of Applied Geophysics, 45, pp. 83-96.

Görtz, A., Kaselow, A., and Karrenbach, M. , 2000: Modeling and imaging the internal structure of the San Andreas Fault, Stanford Univ. Publications, Geological Sciences, XXI, pp. 55-65.

Gold, N., Shapiro, S. A., Bojinski, S., and Müller, T., 2000: An approach to upscaling for seismic waves in heterogeneous elastic isotropic media, Geophysics, 65, pp. 1837-1850.

Grönenboom, J. and Falk, J., 2000: Scattering by hydraulic fractures: Finite-difference modeling and laboratory data, Geophysics, 65, pp. 612-622.

Sänger, E. H., Gold, N., and Shapiro, S. A., 2000: Modeling the propagation of elastic waves using a modified finite difference grid, Wave Motion, 31, 1, pp. 77-92.

Santos, L.T., Schleicher, J., Hubral, P., and Tygel, M., 2000: Seismic Modeling by Demigration, Geophysics, 65, 4, pp. 1281-1289.

Santos, L.T., Schleicher, J., Tygel, M., and Hubral, P., 2000: Seismic Modeling, Migration, and Demigration, The Leading Edge, 19, 7, pp. 712-715.

Shapiro S.A., 2000: An inversion for fluid transport properties in 3-D heterogeneous rocks using induced microseismicity, Geophys. J. Int., 143, pp. 931-936.

Shapiro S., A., Royer, J.-J., and Audigane P., 2000: Reply to comment by F.H. Cornet on Large-scale in situ permeability tensor of rocks from induced microseismicity, Geophys.J. Int., 140, pp. 470-473.

Tessmer, E., 2000: Seismic finite-difference modeling with spatially varying time steps, Geophysics, 65, pp. 1290-1293.

Tygel, M., Schleicher, J., Santos, L.T., and Hubral, P., 2000: An asymptotic inverse of the Kirchhoff-Helmholtz integral, Inverse Problems, 16, 7.

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