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Papers in 1998

Ettrich, N., Gajewski, D., 1998: Traveltime computation by perturbation with FD-eikonal solvers in isotropic and weakly anisotropic media, Geophysics, 63, pp. 603-613.

Falk, J., Tessmer, E., Gajewski, D., 1998: Efficient Finite-Difference Modelling of Seismic Waves Using Locally Adjustable Time Step Sizes, Geophysical Prospecting, 46, pp. 603-613.

Gelinsky S., Shapiro S., A., Müller T., and Gurevich B., 1998: Dynamic poroelasticity of thinly layered structures, Int. J. Solid. Struct., 35, pp. 4739-4751.

Jaramillo, H., Schleicher, J. and Tygel, M., 1998: Discussion and Errata to: "A unified approach to 3-D seismic, Geophysics, 63, pp. 2000-2001.

Martinez, J.M. and Santos, L.T, 1998: Some new theoretical results on recursive quadratic programming algorithms, Journal of Optimization Theory and Applications, 97, pp. 435-454.

Martinez, J.M. and Santos, L.T., 1998: Comparison of two Strategies in the teaching of "Complements of Mathematics", Zetetike, 6, pp. 89-108.

Pasasa, L., Wenzel, F. & Zhao, P., 1998: Prestack Kirchhoff Depth Migration in Shallow Seismic Data, Geophysics, 63, 4, pp. 1241-1247.

Psencik, I., Gajewski, D., 1998: Polarization, phase velocity and NMO velocity of qP-waves in arbitrary weakly anisotropic media, Geophysics, 63, pp. 1754-1766.

Ritter J., R., R., Shapiro S., A., and Schechinger B., 1998: Scattering parameters of the lithosphere below the Massif Central, France from teleseismic wavefield records, Geoph. J. Int., 134, pp. 187-198.

Shapiro S., Royer J.-J., and A., Audigane P., 1998: Estimating the permeability from fluid-injection induced seismic emission, in 'Poromechanics', edit. Thimus et al., Balkema, pp. 301-305.

Sun, J., Gajewski, D., 1998: On the computation of true-amplitude weighting functions, Geophysics, 63, pp. 1648-1651.

Tygel, M., Schleicher, J., Hubral, P., and Santos, L.T., 1998: 2.5-D True-amplitude Kirchhoff migration to zero Offset in laterally inhomogeneous media, Geophysics, 63, pp. 557-573.

Werner U. and Shapiro S., A, 1998: Intrinsic anisotropy and thin multilayering - two anisotropy effects combined, Geoph. J. Int., 132, pp. 363-373.

Zhao. P., Uren, N.F., Wenzel, F. & Hatherly, P.J., 1998: Kirchhoff diffraction mapping in media with large velocity contrasts, Geophysics.

Zillmer, M., Gajewski, D., Kashtan, B.M., 1998: Anisotropic reflection coefficients for a weak-contrast interface, Geophysical Journal International, 132, pp. 159-166.

Zillmer, M., Kashtan, B.M., Gajewski, D., 1998: Quasi-isotropic approximation of ray theory for anisotropic media, Geophysical Journal International, 132, pp. 643-653.

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