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Jörg Schleicher, Martin Tygel, Peter Hubral: Seismic True-Amplitude Imaging, Society of Exploration Geophysicists, 2007, 354p

A rich literature exists on computational methods based on wave equations for seismic imaging and earth-parameter estimation. Somewhat lost in the advance to progressively more sophisticated computational techniques are the intuitive ideas with roots that reach back to Hagedoorn and are based on ray theory, the geometry of data, and the geometry of wave propagation. In "Seismic True-Amplitude Imaging" (SEG Geophysical Developments Series No. 12), the authors describe their research of many years, demonstrating that those simple ideas also lead to a broad description of the structure of the earth's interior and the changes in medium parameters across reflectors. Demonstrations in the open literature of the efficacy of their methods abound. Now those ideas have been collected and reorganized. The book gives a pictorial presentation of the basic principles of Kirchhoff-type imaging and proceeds to a comprehensive treatment of its kinematic and dynamic aspects. The text is a valuable addition to the library of anyone interested in the theory and practices of seismic data processing for imaging and parameter estimation with all its attendant processes. (Norman Bleistein)


Serge A. Shapiro, Peter Hubral: Elastic Waves in Random Media. Fundamentals of Seismic Stratigraphic Filtering (Lecture Notes in Earth Sciences Vol. 80), Springer Verlag, 1999, ISBN: 3-540-65006-7

This book treats various generalizations of the classical O'Doherty-Anstey formula in order to describe stratigraphic filtering effects. These are the effects that can be observed when elastic and electromagnetic waves propagate through multilayered structures. Our aim was to treat this topic in a comprehensive manner and present compact results in a didactically simple way, emphasizing the physics of the wave-propagation phenomena. We do not claim mathematical rigidity in all our derivations, however, we are pleased to have obtained quite simple descriptions of scattering, transmission and reflection of wavefields in acoustic, elastic, and poroelastic media which can be useful for various seismological and non-seismological applications.


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