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Internal Info

WIT Report

!! Deadline Friday, 30 November 2018, 12:00 CET !!

--> Please note that we do not guarantee that manuscripts submitted after this date will be included in the WIT report!!!

For the WIT report 2018, we will continue to create the WIT report based on LaTeX2e and witreport.cls, as in previous years. Manuscripts will only be accepted if they agree with our template and follow the instructions.

Please download the tar-archive with the WIT report paper skeleton, the WIT style file wit.sty, the include file macros.tex, and the documentation.

The file WIT_report_template-2017.tar.gz is a GNU zipped tar archive. To extract its content use:

Please read the enclosed README file and the instructions in Howto.pdf as well as paper.tex carefully.

For submitting your report you have to log on to

You need to log on in passive mode. Ask your team leader for account and password. Please submit your report as a tar-archive. The filename should contain the author name.

If you have questions or problems, please send an email to Claudia Vanelle.

We appreciate your effort and cooperation.

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