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Håvar Gjøystdal is Research Manager of Seismic Modelling at NORSAR in Kjeller, near Oslo. He also holds an adjunct position of Professor of Geophysics at the Department of Earth Science, University of Bergen. In 1977 he joined NORSAR and started building up research activities within the field of seismic modelling, which to-day include both R&D projects and services and software products for the petroleum industry. Key topics are ray tracing, seismic tomography, and time lapse seismic modelling. He is a member of SEG and OSEG.

Einar Iversen received Cand.scient. (1984) and Dr. philos. (2002) degrees in geophysics, both from the University of Oslo, Norway. He has worked for NORSAR since 1984 and is currently a senior research geophysicist within NORSAR's Seismic Modeling Research Programme. He received the Best Paper Award in Geophysical Prospecting in 1996. His professional interests are seismic ray theory and its application to modeling, imaging, and parameter estimation. He is a member of SEG and EAGE.

Tina Kaschwich received her diploma in geophysics (2001) and a Ph.D. in geophysics (2006), both from the University of Hamburg. Since 2005 she has been a research fellow at the seismic modelling group at NORSAR, Norway. Her research interests are ray tracing and wavefront construction methods, imaging and illumination studies for survey planning and quality control for different model and wave types. She is a member of EAGE, OSEG and SEG.

Isabelle Lecomte received an M.S. (1987) in geophysics, an Engineering Geophysics (1988) degree, and a Ph.D. (1991) in geophysics, all from the University of Strasbourg, France. In 1988-1990, she worked as a Ph.D. fellow at IFREMER/University of Strasbourg. In 1991-1992, she was a post-doctoral fellowship at NORSAR, Norway (grant from EU in 1991, and the Research Council of Norway in 1992). Since 1993, she joined NORSAR permanently as a senior research geophysicist in R&D seismic modelling, and is now a principal research geophysicist. Since 2003, she is also a part-time researcher at the International Centre for Geohazards (ICG, Oslo), acting as the theme coordinator for geophysics. She received the EAGE Eötvös award (best paper, Geophysical Prospecting) in 2001. Her main research interests are seismic modelling (finite-differences, ray-tracing, Eikonal solvers, hybrid RT-FD), with applications to seismic reflection, refraction and tomography in oil exploration, and seismic imaging (generalized diffraction tomography) including resolution studies. More recent studies concerned seismic imaging with SAR-type processing, and simulation of PSDM images. She is a member of EAGE, OSEG, and SEG.

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