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About WIT

The Wave Inversion Technology Consortium

Our Mission

The ultimate goal of the WIT Consortium is a most accurate and efficient target-oriented seismic modelling, imaging, and inversion using elastic and acoustic methods. Within this scientific context it is our aim to educate the next generations of exploration geophysicists.

Our business is leading-edge research for seismic exploration. With focus on multi parameter (CRS) stacking, seismic imaging, amplitude preserving migration, workflows for seismic data processing from time to depth, imaging of passive seismic sources and full waveform inversion. The goals on seismic resolution are constantly increasing which requires a complementary use of kinematic and wave equation based techniques in the processing work flow. At WIT we use a cascaded system of kinematic and full wave form model building and imaging techniques. Since our data and inversions are never perfect it is the challenge to find those techniques which produce the best images for erroneous velocities and faulty wave forms. Our research covers a broad field of aspects to support efficient and successful exploration.

Our Structure

The Wave Inversion Technology Consortium (WIT) was established in 1996 by Peter Hubral at the University of Karsruhe, Germany. When Peter retired in 2006 he handed over the WIT direction to Dirk Gajewski at the University of Hamburg.  The WIT research team is internationally and globally distributed. It consists of three integrated working groups, at the University of Hamburg, Germany and two teams at other universities, being the Mathematical Geophysics Group at the University of Campinas (UNICAMP), Brazil, and the Geophysical Institute of the University of Karlsruhe, Germany. The WIT research team takes a lot of benefit from its research affiliates, NORSAR  in Kjeller, Norway, and Fraunhofer ITWM in Kaiserslautern, Germany.

CRS Tutorial

The Common Reflection Surface (CRS) method is one of the core research topics of the WIT consortium. A workflow for reflection seismic data time and depth processing entirely based on CRS attributes was developed over the last 10 years. In this workflow the same assumptions and apertures are applied throughout the processing chain. A four hour tutorial about this workflow is available and can be presented to potential sponsors. The following topics are addressed:

Aditional information on WIT, the WIT research team and  partners and other research topics is also included in the presentation for a complete description of the consortium. If you are interested in this presentation to learn in detail about WIT please contact Dirk Gajewski by mail or phone  +49 40 42838 2975.

Membership Information

To request information about the WIT consortium and benefits to its sponsors, please contact WIT director Dirk Gajewski by mail or phone (+49 40 42838 2975).

Steering Committee

Internal steering committee:

 External steering committee (company representatives)

Public Relations Commitee

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