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News & Announcements

WIT Contributions at the SEG Annual Meeting 2015 in New Orleans

At this year's SEG meeting, WIT researchers will present on a multitude of topics:

Monday, 19.10., afternoon:

  • Henrique B. Santos, Tiago A. Coimbra, Jörg Schleicher, and Amélia Novais: Migration velocity analysis using time-remigration trajectory: regions with strong velocity variations (SVE-EP)

Tuesday, 20.10., morning:

  • Alex Bauer, Benjamin Schwarz, and Dirk Gajewski: Prestack diffraction enhancement using a traveltime decomposition approach (SPIR 2)
  • Martina Bobsin, Benjamin Schwarz, Claudia Vanelle, and Dirk Gajewski: Data-driven time migration using a multiparameter approach (SPMI P1)
  • Henrique B. Santos, Daniel L. Macedo, Edgar B. Santos, Jörg Schleicher, and Amélia Novais: Use of 3D gravity inversion to aid seismic migration-velocity building (GM)
  • Jan Walda and Dirk Gajewski: Common-reflection-surface stack improvement by differential evolution and conflicting dip processing (SPIR 2)

Wednesday, 21.10., morning:

  • Parsa Bakhtiari Rad, Claudia Vanelle, and Dirk Gajewski: 3D time migration velocity model building using CRS-based prestack diffraction separation (SPMI 4)
  • Momoe Sakamori and Ricardo Biloti: Migration velocity analysis: estimating parameters using supergathers (SPMI-PE)
  • Henrique B. Santos, Leandro S. S. Valente, Jessé C. Costa, and Jörg Schleicher: Time-to-depth conversion and velocity estimation by wavefront-propagation (SVE-P)
  • Benjamin Schwarz, Claudia Vanelle, Sophia Wissmath, Alexander Bauer, and Dirk Gajewski: Efficient common-reflection-surface-based prestack slope determination for stereotomography (SVE 2)

Wednesday, 21.10., afternoon:

  • V.V. Kazei, B.M. Kashtan, V.N. Troyan and W.A. Mulder: FWI spectral sensitivity analysis in the presence of a free surface (FWI EP1)
  • Jörg Schleicher and Jessé C. Costa: A separable strong-anisotropy approximation for pure qP wave propagation in TI media (SM)
  • Manizheh Vefagh, Stefan Dümmong, and Dirk Gajewski: A zero-offset picking approach for prestack multiple attenuation (SPMUL 3)


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