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2002 Shell She-Study Award

Claudia Vanelle, Hamburg WIT-team, sucessfully defended her PhD thesis on April 3rd 2002. Since the German Research Society awarded a grant to Claudia, she will continue her research within the WIT consortium as a post-doctoral researcher. After successfully competing in the final round, the 2002 Shell She-Study Award was presented to Claudia on November 26th, 2002 in a ceremonial act at the Hyatt Hotel in Hamburg. The award was presented to her in recognition of her results in the final round and in appreciation of her work in the PhD-thesis.

The 2002 "Shell She-Study-Award" is presented to Claudia Vanelle by Christoph Matschie (right), State Secretary at the Ministry for Education and Research, and Kurt Döhmel, CEO of the German Shell. (Photograph by courtesy of Shell, Germany)

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