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Presentations from the 2016 WIT Meeting now online

The presentations given during the 19th Annual WIT Meeting 2016 have been uploaded and are now available online exclusively for sponsors in the restricted section. In order to access the files, you need to login. In addition to the proceedings and overviews detailing the work by the WIT research teams, the following presentations are available:

  • N. Athanasopoulos, F. Broggini, and D.-J. van Manen: Subsampling and comparative analysis of interpolation techniques of the 2D Exact Boundary Condition Method
  • P. Bakhtiari Rad, C. Vanelle, and D. Gajewski: Diffraction separation based on the projected first Fresnel zone
  • A. Bauer, B. Schwarz, M. Lotze, T. Werner, and D. Gajewski: NIP tomography revisited – from reflections to diffractions
  • T.A. Coimbra, J.H. Faccipieri, and M. Tygel: Time-to-depth conversion using modeling rays
  • T.A. Coimbra, J.H. Faccipieri, L.-J. Gelius, and M. Tygel: Enhancement of stacked sections using ZO CRS parameters
  • N. Ettrich and D. Merten: Diffraction imaging with GRT
  • J.H. Faccipieri, D. Rueda, T.A. Coimbra, I.L. Rodrigues, A.L. Farias, and M. Tygel: Surgical CRS stacking
  • J.H. Faccipieri, E. Borin, H.C. Silva, and M. Tygel: Computational improvements for seismic processing: Heterogeneous acceleration and CRP migration software
  • M. Fernandez, P. Edme, and S. Singh: Methods for local dispersion curve estimation
  • L. Gassner and T. Bohlen: Imaging of gas hydrate deposits in the Black Sea with 2D acoustic full waveform inversion of OBS data
  • M. Glöckner, Y. Yang, C. Vanelle, and D. Gajewski: Kinematic time demigration
  • C. Guntern, B. Schwarz, and D. Gajewski: Seismic near-surface velocity analysis
  • P. Habelitz and T. Bohlen: Quantifying the error in finite-difference simulation caused by staircase interface
  • M. Kunert, A. Kurzmann, and T. Bohlen: Application of 2D acoustic full waveform inversion to OBC-data
  • S. Maciel and R. Biloti: A set of descriptors for automatic classification of scatterers in seismic sections
  • H.B. Santos, J. Schleicher, A. Novais, A. Kurzmann, and T. Bohlen: Robust time-domain migration velocity analysis methods for initial-model building in a full waveform tomography workflow
  • J. Schleicher and J.C. Costa: A separable strong-anisotropy approximation for pure qP wave propagation in transversely isotropic media
  • B. Schwarz, A. Bauer, and D. Gajewski: Passive seismic source localization via CRS attributes
  • N. Thiel and T. Bohlen: Application of full waveform inversion to dual-sensor streamer data
  • M. Vefagh and D. Gajewski: A coherency-guided method for pre-stack multiple suppression
  • J. Walda, M. Glöckner, and D. Gajewski: Improvement of the common-reflection-surface stack by differential evolution and conflicting dip processing
  • J. Walda, B. Schwarz, and D. Gajewski: Higher-order CRS: a competitive study for diffractions
  • S. Wissmath, C. Vanelle, B. Schwarz, J. Walda, and D. Gajewski: Finite-offset CRS: first- vs. second-order parameters
  • F. Wittkamp and T. Bohlen: Individual and joint 2-D elastic full waveform inversion of Rayleigh and Love waves
  • Y. Xie and D. Gajewski: 3D CRS attribute search using particle swarm optimization


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