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WIT Contributions to the EAGE Annual Meeting 2018 in Copenhagen

We are pleased to announce that WIT researchers will contribute to this year's 80th EAGE Conference and Exhibition in Copenhagen with the following presentations:

  • Sunday 10 June, 14:25 
    A. Bauer, B. Schwarz, D. Gajewski: Diffraction Wavefront Tomography – Efficient automated velocity inversion for multi-fold and single-channel data. 
    Workshop 1 Seismic Imaging with Ray and Waves – Where do we stand? Part I: Velocity Estimation.

  • Wednesday 13 June, 09:45 
    Y. Pan, S. Schaneng, T. Steinweg, T. Bohlen: Estimating 3D S-wave Velocities from 9C Shallow Seismic Data Using Local Rayleigh Wave Dispersion Curves – A Field Study. 
    Session: Near Surface – High Resolution Seismic and Surface Unconventional Reservoirs Waves.

  • Wednesday 13 June, 14:45 
    N. Athanasopoulos, E. Manukyan, T. Bohlen, H. Maurer: Accurate Reconstruction of Shallow P-wave Velocity Model with Time-windowed Elastic Full-waveform Inversion. 
    Session: Near Surface – Geotechnical Surveys and Applications.

  • Wednesday 13 June, 14:45 
    F. Broggini, N. Athanasopoulos, M. Gray, D. van Manen: Sensitivity Study of the Immersive Boundary Condition Method. 
    Session: Seismic Modelling B.

  • Wednesday 13 June, 16:45 
    J. Walda, C. Vanelle, D. Gajewski, B. Schwarz, S. Wißmath: The Multi-operator Approach – Extending Time Processing to Complex Media. 
    Session: Seismic interpolation and Regularization A.

  • Thursday 14 June, 08:55 
    I. Abakumov, B. Kashtan, D. Gajewski: Time-lapse Data Enhancement and Regularization with Common-Offset CRS Stack. 
    Session: Time-lapse Acquisition and Processing.

  • Thursday 14 June, 09:20 
    A. Bauer, B. Schwarz, T. Werner, D. Gajewski: Unsupervised Global Identification of Diffractions based on Local Wavefront Measurements. 
    Session: Diffraction Modelling and Imaging A.

  • Thursday 14 June, 10:55 
    L. Diekmann, B. Schwarz, A. Bauer, D. Gajewski: Source Localisation and Joint Velocity Model Building. 
    Session: From Microseismic Data To Source Classification And Inversion.

  • Thursday 14 June, 14:20 
    H. Zhao, A. Ueland Waldeland, D. Rueda Serrano, M. Tygel, E. Iversen: Time-migration Tomography based on Reflection Slopes in Pre-stack Time-migrated Seismic Data. 
    Session: Velocity Model Building – Tomography.

We are looking forward to seeing you in Copenhagen!

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