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WIT Contributions at the EAGE Annual Meeting 2016 in Vienna

At this year's 78th EAGE Conference & Exhibition 2016 in Vienna, WIT researchers will contribute with the following presentations:

  • Bauer, A., Schwarz, B., Lotze, M., Werner, T., Gajewski, D.: Utilizing Diffractions in Wavefront-based Tomography. May, 31st at 16:45 in session 'Imaging Parameter Estimation'
  • Bakhtiari Rad, P., Gajewski, D., Vanelle, C.: Diffraction Separation Based on the Projected First Fresnel Zone. June, 1st, at 9:45 in session 'Diffraction Modelling and Imaging'
  • Yang, Y., Vanelle, C. Gajewski, D.: A New Kinematic Time Demigration Approach Based on the CSP Method. June, 2nd, at 11:20 in session 'RTM, Least Squares and Kirchhoff Methods'
  • Xie, Y., Gajewski, D.: Automatic Estimation of the 3D CRS Attributes by a Metaheuristic-based Optimization. June, 2nd, at 13:30 in session 'Velocity Attribute Estimation'
  • Walda, J., Schwarz, B., Gajewski, D.: A Competitive Comparison of Multi-parameter Stacking Approaches. June, 2nd, at 13:30 in session 'NMO and Stacking'
  • Schwarz, B., Bauer, A., Gajewski, D.: Automatic Joint Location and Velocity Inversion for Passive Seismic Data. June, 2nd, at 14:20 in session 'Microseismic - Event Localization on Micro and Macro Scale'
  • Gl√∂ckner, M., Schwarz, B., Vanelle, C., Gajewski, D.: Kinematic Time Demigration with an Automatically Generated Velocity Model. June, 2nd, at 14:45 in session 'NMO and Stacking'

We are looking forward to seeing you in Vienna!

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