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Presentations from the 2017 WIT Meeting now online

The presentations given during the 20th Annual WIT Meeting 2017 have been uploaded and are now available online exclusively for sponsors in the restricted section. In order to access the files, you need to login. In addition to the proceedings and overviews detailing the work by the WIT research teams, the following presentations are available:

  • I. Abakumov, J. Walda, and D. Gajewski: Advances in 3D multidimensional stacking
  • I. Abakumov, B. Kashtan, and D. Gajewski: Monitoring of 4D velocity changes with FWI
  • D. F. Barrera, J. Schleicher, and J. van der Neut: Limitations of correlation-based redatuming methods
  • D. F. Barrera, J. Schleicher, and J. van der Neut: Up- and downgoing Green’s functions retrieved by inverse wavefield extrapolation
  • A. Bauer, B. Schwarz, and D. Gajewski: Utilizing diffractions in wavefront tomography
  • T. Bohlen and co-workers: Applications of full waveform inversion to shallow seismic wave fields
  • L. Diekmann, B. Schwarz, J. Walda, and D. Gajewski: Estimation of wavefront attributes of passive seismic signals
  • L. Gassner and T. Bohlen: Seismic characterization of submarine gas hydrate deposits in the Western Black Sea by acoustic 2D FWI
  • L. Li, H. Chen, X. Wang, and D. Gajewski: Comparison and integration of diffraction stacking and cross-correlation stacking in microseismic location
  • Y. Pan, L. Gao, and T. Bohlen: Time-domain full waveform inversion of Rayleigh waves in presence of free surface topography
  • B. Schwarz, A. Bauer, and D. Gajewski: Automated imaging and inversion of single-channel seismic data using diffractions
  • N. Thiel and T. Bohlen: 2D acoustic full-waveform inversion of a submarine salt layer using dual-sensor streamer data
  • A. Titova, S. Dell, B. Kashtan, and D. Gajewski: Utilising diffractions for imaging of the thin layers in the presence of faults
  • C. Vanelle, I. Abakumov, and D. Gajewski: Anisotropic Common Reflection Surface
  • M. Voß, J. Walda, C. Vanelle, and D. Gajewski: A systematic analysis of diffraction separation methods
  • J. Walda and co-workers: CRS processing: History and road ahead
  • Y. Xie and D. Gajewski: 5-D interpolation and regularization with wavefront attributes
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