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Martin Tygel selected as the 2017 SEG Latin America Honorary Lecturer

We are extremely pleased to announce that WIT founding member Prof. Martin Tygel from WIT Campinas was selected as the 2017 SEG Latin America Honorary Lecturer, which constitutes a major honor and recognition of excellence. The subject on his nomination was Multiparametric traveltimes: Concepts and applications.

The overall goals of the Honorary Lecturer program are to:

  • Recognize an individual's expertise and contributions to advancing the science and technology of geophysics.
  • Disseminate discipline knowledge via presentations in the region or theme.
  • Foster a sense of community amongst geophysicists by providing opportunities for local meetings and exchange of ideas.
  • Encourage students by providing the opportunity to discuss scientific and career issues with a leading expert.

More information can be found here.

Congratulations, Martin, for this honour!

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