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The WIT paper " A workflow for the processing of reflection seismic data with CRS attributes" by Baykulov, Dümmong and Gajewski presented at the 2009 SEG in Houston ranked among the top thirty of all papers presented.

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WIT Hamburg PostDoc Mikhail Baykulov will join ADDAX Petroleum in mid January  2010. After consulting for ADDAX during this summer Mikhail received a job offer from ADDAX he could not resist. He will work in the ADDAX head office in Geneva, Switzerland.

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Also this year WIT researchers are presenting results of their research work at the SEG meeting in Houston.

Monday, Oct. 26th, 2009:

2:30 pm: A workflow for the processing of reflection seismic data with CRS attributes, Mikhail Baykulov, Stefan Dümmong, Dirk Gajewski, Exhibit Hall B, Poster Station A4, SPMUL 1.4

Tuesday, Oct. 27th, 2009:

3:30 PM: Determination of traveltime parameters in VTI media, Rafael Aleixo, Jörg Schleicher*, Jesse C. Costa, (ANI P1.7)
➤Poster Station: Z3


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Since 2009 Colombian oil company ECOPETROL is a new sponsor to the WIT consortium. Dirk Gajewski was invited to visit ECOPETROL from Oct. 4th to Oct. 10 th. The visit comprises -among others- presentations about current WIT research at ECOPETROL headquarters in Bucaramanga but also at EAFIT University in Medellin including discussions with students.

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We are happy to announce that we have launched the new WIT website. The appearance has not changed too much but the whole site is operated by a content management system now. This should allow us to keep the site up to date more easily since it can be maintained from everywhere. This system is more suited to a consortium run by globally distributed research teams than the static system we have used before.

Most recent events related to the WIT consortium are shown in the news section of the...

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Former WIT Hamburg PhD student Stefan Dümmong has started his job at StatoilHydro in Stavanger, Norway, on September 1st. His thesis topic was on multiple suppression using CRS attributes. The thesis will be available for download after the defense which is scheduled for the beginning of 2010.

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Mikhail Baykulov's PhD thesis on

Seismic imaging in complex media with the Common Reflection Surface stack

is now available. It contains the detailed account on the CRS partial stack and its application to marine and land data. Examples on data regularization and pre stack data enhancement using CRS partial stacks are discussed in detail in this thesis. The full text can be downloaded here.

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The next WIT Meeting will take place on February 24th-26th, 2010 at the ZMAW building of the University of Hamburg. All company representatives and members of the WIT Consortium will be informed about the exact schedule, registration, accommodation, and rates via the WIT mailing list.

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Mikhail Baykulov will spend three weeks at ADDAX Petroleum in Geneva. He will cooperate with ADDAX researchers on the topic of 3-D CRS processing and imaging.

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The EAGE Workshop on Locally Coherent Events - A New Perspective for Seismic Imaging will experience a strong WIT impact. The workshop is coordinated by Jesse Costa from the WIT research team in Belem, Brazil and Mathias Alerini (SINTEF Petroleum Research). WIT researchers from Campinas, Brazil, Hamburg and Karlsruhe, Germany, will contribute to this workshop with presentations. The workshops abstracts are available here.

The presentation An Imaging Work Flow Using Locally Coherent Events -- A...

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