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News & Announcements

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At this year's EAGE meeting, WIT researchers will present on a multitude of topics.

As we have already announced, WIT team leaders are convenors of two workshops during the conference:

  • On Monday June 1st, there will be a full-day workshop, entitled “Seismic Imaging – Latest Developments” by Kees Wapenaar, Stefan Buske, and Dirk Gajewski including the following presentations:

    • WS06-A03: Handling the Conflicting Dip Problem in the CRS/i-CRS Methods (J. Walda* and D. Gajewski)
    • WS06-A04: 3D...
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Now including partial coherence and offset prediction for diffractions

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We are happy to announce that Mehrnoosh Behzadi, Ph.D. student with WIT Hamburg, has successfully defended her work on April, 1st. Her thesis on Microtremor localization based on cross-correlation stacking will soon be published. A preliminary version is available exclusively to WIT sponsors on the 2014 report DVD.

Congratulations, Mehrnoosh!

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The Annual Report 2014 and the presentations given during the 18th Annual WIT Meeting in Hamburg from February 22nd to 24th, 2015, are now available online exclusively for sponsors in the restricted section. In order to access the files, you need to login.

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During this year's EAGE conference, held in Madrid, from June 1 to June 4, 2015, there will be a full-day workshop on ”Full Waveform Inversion for Near-surface Characterization” on Monday June 1. The workshop will highlight the state of the science and critical future directions in using accurate forward modeling programs in full-waveform inversion algorithms to obtain sub-wavelength resolution images of the near surface.  Confirmed invited speakers are Jean Virieux (Université Joseph Fourier,...

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This year, the EAGE conference will take place in Madrid, from June 1 to June 4, 2015.  On Monday June 1, there will be a full-day workshop, entitled “Seismic Imaging – Latest Developments”. Subjects that will be treated during this workshop are super resolution, diffraction imaging, imaging using multiples, imaging in strongly scattering media, etc. Conveners of this workshop are Kees Wapenaar, Stefan Buske and Dirk Gajewski.  For more information, please visit the workshop website.

You are...

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We are happy to announce that Simone Butzer, Ph.D. student with WIT Karlsruhe, has successfully defended her thesis on "3D elastic full-waveform inversion" on January, 9th. 

Congratulations, Simone!

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We are extremely pleased to announce that WIT founding member Prof. Martin Tygel from WIT Campinas was elected as a member of the Brazilian Academy of Sciences.

Congratulations to Martin for this honour that expresses the recognition and appreciation of his lifetime achievements in science!

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We are pleased to announce the dates for the 18th Annual WIT Meeting. It will take place in Hamburg from February, 22nd-24th, 2015. The preliminary schedule is as follows:

Sunday,  February 22nd: arrival and icebreaker,
Monday,  February 23rd: presentations,
Tuesday, February 24th: presentations and meeting of the steering committee.

Further information including details on registration and the program will be provided in due time in the Meeting section on the WIT homepage as well as per...

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We are happy to announce that on 29/08/2014, Daniel Leal Macedo, Ph.D. student with WIT Campinas, has successfully defended his PhD thesis. His thesis, entitled "Scattering-based decomposition of sensitivity kernels of acoustic full waveform inversion", is available, at this time exclusively to WIT sponsors, on the 2014 WIT-Report CD.

Congratulations, Daniel!

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