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Claudia Vanelle, Hamburg WIT-team, sucessfully defended her PhD thesis on April 3rd 2002. Since the German Research Society awarded a grant to Claudia, she will continue her research within the WIT consortium as a post-doctoral researcher. After successfully competing in the final round, the 2002 Shell She-Study Award was presented to Claudia on November 26th, 2002 in a ceremonial act at the Hyatt Hotel in Hamburg. The...

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The 10th International Workshop on Seismic Anisotropy was hosted in Tutzing, Germany in April 2002. The meeting was organized by Dirk Gajewski, Claudia Vanelle and Prof. Dr. Klaus Helbig (Hannover) with some help by Prof. H. Igel (Munich). Currently Claudia and Dirk with strong support by Dr. Ivan Psencik (Prague, Czech Republic) are compiling the proceedings of this meeting, which are scheduled to go to print in...

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Tobias Müller from the Berlin WIT Group was awarded the "Emmy-Noether Fellowship" of the German Research Foundation (DFG). He continues his research on waves in random media at the Curtin University in Perth, Australia in close cooperation with the Berlin WIT Group. In Perth he works together with Prof. Boris Gurevich, one of the world experts on Rock Physics.

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Martin Tygel from WIT-Campinas receives the EAGEs Conrad Schlumberger Award in Florence on June 30, 2002 For his many contributions to unify the theory of seismic true-amplitude reflection imaging

The picture shows the award winner with the EAGE President, Dr. Helmut Gärtner, and Peter Hubral (in the background). (Photograph by courtesy of Norman Bleistein.)


Yonghai Zhang from the Karlsruhe WIT Group receives the EAGEs 2002 Eötvös...

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The software Promax 3D is now available for educational and research purposes at the Computational Geophysics Laboratory at UNICAMP, Brazil. This is a result of a 3-year contract between Landmark and the Laboratory under the program "Landmark Graphics Corporation Strategic University Alliance Grant Agreement". In addition, the software packages Focus and Geodepth from Paradigm are now also available at UNICAMP, Brazil. This is a...

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