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Znak et al. (2017)

P. Znak, B. Kashtan, and D. Gajewski: Wavefront tomography by dynamic focusing

Znak et al. propose a novel wavefront curvature based post-stack tomography method valid for reflection, diffraction and passive seismic data inversion. The basis of the new approach is minimizing of geometrical spreading at diffractor position, which they call dynamic focusing. The natural parametrization of the inverse problem by velocity model as the only unknown leads to significantly decreased tomographic matrix dimension and higher data-unknowns ratio. Since deriving and coding the conventional wavefront tomography is cumbersome even in the isotropic case, the reduction of the Fréchet derivatives number is an attractive feature if generalization to anisotropy is desired. The authors provide both Fréchet derivatives and adjoint-state method formulae for computing the gradient of the new functional and perform a field data test.

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