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Vanelle et al. (2017)

C. Vanelle, I. Abakumov, and D. Gajewski: Wavefront Attributes in Anisotropic Media

Vanelle et al. present an extension of the Common Reflection Surface operator to account for arbitrary anisotropy in the 3D finite-offset situation. The derivation is based on geometry and ray theory. The resulting expressions have the same shape and number of coefficients as their isotropic counterparts as long as they are expressed by traveltime derivatives. However, the expressions for the coefficients in terms of wavefront attributes differ from the isotropic case and additional parameters need to be introduced to account for the anisotropy, e.g., the zero-offset operator in 2D requires four attributes instead of three in the isotropic case. Numerical examples in 2D and 3D demonstrate the accuracy of the new operator.

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