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2D ZO CRS with conflicting dip handling and meta-heuristic global optimization

Author: Jan Walda


CRS based software, that handles conflicting dips by stacking over angle ranges defined by the user. The user can choose between three global optimization methods, Differential Evolution (DE), Particle Swarm Optimization (PSO) and Genetic Algorithm (GA). Additionally the best found solution is furthermore improved locally by a simplex method introduced by Nelder and Mead in 1965. The Code is based on the CRS implementation by Juergen Mann and modified by Jan Walda. The genetic algorithm implementation is based on initial work by Benjamin Schwarz. A guide makefile can be found in the documention.

The code is parallelized. It requires a script to be run after optimizartion named "" or in case of supergathers "". The script requires 3 parameters, first is the basename (same as in Makefile) the second is the number of conflcting dips and the third one is the first index which is usually 0. Results after the script have the extension "*.su". Sections without "_" are taken from the operator with the highest coherence, so they are similar to the sections you might have used from the original code by Juergen Mann. The sections with "_" are the individual sections for each dip range specified by the "angleboundaries" option when executing the program.


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