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WIT Report

Every year, the WIT teams present their research of the past year. At the Annual WIT meeting, a printed report is presented to the sponsors. The report is also available in PDF format on CD-ROM or can be downloaded from this page. The current WIT report is provided exclusively to our sponsors.

Sponsors can download the current WIT Report, software, presentations given at the annual meetings, and selected publications from the "Restricted" page.

The reports of the previous years are made accessible for the public. You can download the WIT reports for a detailed review of our research since 1997:

2016The Annual Report 2016 is exclusively available to sponsors via the restricted section. Please login in order to access it.Contents and summaries
2015The Annual Report 2015 is exclusively available to sponsors via the restricted section. Please login in order to access it.

Contents and summaries

2014Annual Report (complete)Contents, Summaries, individual pdfs
2013Annual Report (complete)Contents, Summaries, individual pdfs
2012Annual Report (complete)Contents and Summaries
2011Annual Report (complete)Contents and Summaries
2010Annual Report (complete)Contents and Summaries
2009Annual Report (complete)Contents and Summaries
2008Annual Report (complete)Contents and Summaries
2007Annual Report (complete)
Contents and Summaries
2006Annual Report (complete)Contents and Summaries
2005Annual Report (complete)Contents and Summaries
2004Annual Report (complete)Contents and Summaries
2003Annual Report
2002Annual Report
2001Annual Report
2000Annual Report
1999Annual Report
1998Annual Report
1997Annual Report
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